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TUNDRA x JAGUAR | 2018 Moscow Launch

Set, Props & Costume
E-Pace 2018 Lauch, Moscow

An immersive large scale laser-beams installation specially redesigned for a launch event. 
Jaguar E-Pace was hidden at the bottom of the old Soviet swimming pool filled with heavy smoke instead of water. In the unveiling moment the Jaguar placed on car lift surfaced from the clouds of heavy smoke like a submarine and floated on the cloudy waves being scanned by hundreds of laser beams and projectors creating moving patterns across the pool.

40x gallons of heavy fog
1x car lift
600x prepared laser diodes (individually controlled via DMX)
12x animation laser projectors
10x Robe Pointe moving heads
20x strobes
25kW of ground-shaking sound 
1x Jaguar E-Pace 2018 car

Touchdesigner, Ableton Live, GrandMA 
Special thanks to Jaguar Russia and Eventum Premo team for giving us total freedom in expressing our own artist's vision of the whole launch event concept.

Thanks for the support: Gst.Moscow, Anton Kochnev, Pavel Zmunchila, Licht Pfad.

TUNDRA x JAGUAR | 2018 Moscow Launch

TUNDRA x JAGUAR | 2018 Moscow Launch