Comet is a company that constantly seeks to improve scientific research in the space sector. The use of a comet represents that unique and timely side that a scientific discovery represents. The gradation from cyan to a fluorescent green accentuates this magical side. Finally, the contrast is there by the presence of this gradient over a background of a dark and solid color. 

Up is a travel agency that gives its clients the opportunity to discover new landscapes and regions aboard a hot air balloon. Through its original approach to its competitors, its visual identity is based on a very Asian style with the red and golden colours that represent the richness of this experience.

Panda Global is a travel agency specialized in road trips in Asia. The use of an iconic figure (panda) to familiarize clients with the agency's visual identity is a rather easy and effective way. Sober colours are used between black (dark grey) and white. Red supports the contrast of the brand name. Finally, using negative space to create the shape of the panda is an elegant way to affirm Panda Global as a high-end travel brand and inspire confidence.

Xcel is a brand of equipment for golfers and Birdie enthusiasts. Ranked rather high-end and close to the luxury brand, Xcel comes from the word "Excellence" by adapting to a tendency to remove certain vowels in the company's name while preserving the meaning.  The use of a typographic character with a drop allows to form a golf club on the letter X. Finally, some elements are added in a retro style such as the creation date.

Autonome is committed to producing cars without drivers while preserving the safety and freedom of passengers. Thus, blue was the appropriate colour to ensure customer confidence. The use of a gradient of blue-green-cyan brings a touch of lightening in connection with the metal side and drop shadow added to the logo. Finally, the chosen typography has been modified to bring a more mechanical aspect highlighting the automatic system of the model.

It is a traditional coffee brand that is found in some small towns around the world. My approach to his visual identity was that of the sign at the entrance of the tavern, as if you were looking for a place by the fire to sip your homemade coffee. The use of brown colour and orange tones make sense to express the homemade look and for a coffee brand, this is essential.

A fervent representative of luxury fashion, Adams & Abigail deploys its clothing lines through a social mix. Through the Bordeaux colour, I played on minimalism through the lines to represent the brand's values. For typographic characters, the A forms both Adams' and Abigail's word to reinforce its great unity.

Snow Drop is a French ski and snow institute. Located in the Alps, they offer you many training courses as well as fitness programs such as spas, saunas and massage centres that correlate well after your snow activity. I also tried to adopt a more vaporous typography in its curves to take up the shapes of snow and powder.

It is a music streaming platform that highlights the talents of young artists much more than the commercial side. There is a real research with the work of the latter. The logo is based on a circle and other geometric shapes to form a musical note. The notion of wave is then translated by the gradient which varies according to the location. 

Woodfire manufacturing company. I turned to an animal to represent this company. The robin was the best idea for me because its torso could represent the very essence of fire and therefore the company's values. I alternated between a grey blue that is close to the colour of coal and a colour that contrasts very much with the latter: a flaming red for the crest and torso.

This time it was necessary to redesign the visual identity of the Challenge. Thus, I wanted to highlight lines and a target to show the various possibilities to reach its target in terms of briefs and logos. The orange and blue colours contrast by themselves and the orange touch brings a 
creative side. 


AirTrack is a company that tracks your packages wherever they go to ensure better tracking. What could be better than using blue for confidence and italicized typography to represent constant movement. 

When people talk to me about beards, I immediately think of the late American President, Abraham Lincoln. So why not represent him for a barbershop brand, with instead of his hat, the blue, red and white light that can be found in front of the entrance of each of the shops. In addition, a typography with a retro look and clear drop shadows very close to the reference and a new one with a balanced logo.

For a computer company, the eagle was a good choice to represent the vigilance, power and prestige that this animal represents. Especially when it comes to computer components and software, precision is essential. Finally, for typographic characters, a more futuristic and square font helps to understand the serious and dynamic side of this approach.

For a brand of alcohol, my inspiration was based on the existing one like Jack Daniels, with a certain class. Then I wanted to change from a logo to a bottle label. Thus, John Walker sounded good for a Bourbon brand from Kentucky. The approach changed completely because it was necessary to think about the quantity, the degree of alcohol, the amount of information to be highlighted. The dark grey and white colours of the acres make them the bearers of a high-end and prestigious brand.​​​​​​​

This logo is not for a particular company, it was more for a training of the golden ratio, geometric shapes and gradient management. I tried to bring contrast and balance between the monogram and typography.

Horizon Shapes is an agricultural lobby fighting for the rights and freedoms of farmers, peasants. According to them, the rural world must be defended against mechanization. It is a very geometric shape that has been worked with as a basis this demarcation that represents the horizon and the lines from all sides are the fields that can be seen in the countryside as far as the eye can see. Thus, this green gradient towards a lighter shade suggests a more confident prospect for the future.

Cloudy Cupcakes is a brand of cupcakes with brands all over the United States. The idea of its visual identity is based on the softness of these products, between cream, toppings and sugar. This led me to think of cupcake as a cloud, which is silky, soft. I kept pastel colors such as blue and pink to keep this softness in this logo. As for the typography, Cloudy is highlighted much more clearly with a bold font.

KangaRun is the spokesperson for Australian sports equipment manufacturers. Finishes, quality, athletes are indebted to this company located in Sidney. The use of the golden number as well as perfect geometric shapes were effective in representing a kangaroo, agile and sporty.

Like Yosemite Park, Lunar Place highlights the fauna and flora with breathtaking landscapes. For this logo design, I studied the shapes of badges that forest rangers could wear. In addition, a landscape during the night made it possible to put its elements into much greater value by playing with the different luminosities.

At Crunch, it is the certainty of eating the best cookies and biscuits with more than a hundred recipes and flavours. My inspiration came from the Granola chocolate bars and their design, how they inspired children to eat them. And this typographical aspect, which plays a very important role, was one of the means to be put forward. It was very interesting to work on consumer products, I was not used to it.

Philadelphia, what a beautiful city. In addition to the "Free Meek Mill", creating a logo for a city was a very demanding task because it was necessary to understand its history and the traditions it perpetuates. That is why I have chosen to take as a central element the bell located at City Hall, which is a fier symbol. In addition, the Philadelphia Sixers' slogan "Trust the process" and represented in the most beautiful way by Joël Embiid is a motto that everyone is inspired by and follows.

Anchor Point is a very traditional luxury boat brand built with the old techniques but still as stable and challenging. For its logo, it was better to keep it simple by adding a touch of authenticity and retro style. The design of the anchor is simple by its contours but also by the content of its shapes. Finally, a fine body typography and slab-type serifs amplify this traditional aspect.

One of the first logos of this challenge where I only used lines for the monogram. Biking Lines is a company that sells bicycles and provides safety to these users through the sale of helmets, knee pads and other protection. Thus, working on the lines to represent a shape by adding them together was quite a challenge, but very inspiring.

Like Pexels, Point & Shoot makes it a point of honour to promote the work of artists and their photographs. Thus, by transferring a professional exploitation license and royalties, its visual identity is based on capturing a moment instantly and sharing it on the networks.



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