Microsoft Store: Windows 8

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  • Microsoft Store: Windows 8
     Microsoft Store Video Wall Project
  • Meet the new Windows 8 video wall motion graphic. This large scale motion graphic piece was create to celebrate the release of the brand new operating system. The motion graphic piece walks through the life of Alison Brown and her family showcasing their custom Windows 8 tiles and interface. This piece also include a collection of beautiful panoramic images that fully immerse the customer in the Alison’s life.
    The video wall in the store consists of multiple LCD monitors lined up together creating an extremely widescreen viewing experience for the audience. The final combined resolution of the video piece is over 60,000 wide and 1080 tall.
  • Microsoft Store: Windows 8 Winter
  • During the winter holidays a seasonal update to the Windows 8 motion graphic was created.   The original summer time imagery was replace with snowcapped mountains and other winter themed images.   The original still panoramas were also replaced with video panoramas created by stitching together footage filmed with the RED camera.