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    Scholarship Portfolio 2013
Perception Is Not Reality (Part 1 of 3 Exhibited in Harrisburg, PA)
Unaltered photograph of an eight foot snow "square" in August.  Shown in the group exhibition We Often Forget Our Own Stories, at Studio A on State Street in Harrisburg PA.  2012
30 Feet of Snow, Grass, and Top Soil
Unaltered photograph of 30 feet of snow, grass and top soil.  2012
Indexical Drawings (Phenomenological)
Pendulum, Seizmogram, Compass, Magnets, Saturation, Evaporation, Combustion, Wind, Measurement.
Recycled Wood, Fiber Emulsion Paper, Various Homemade Scientific Tools.  8ft x 6ft x 1ft.    2013
"We do not measure our work by the yardstick of beauty, we do not weigh it on the scales of tenderness and feeling. The plumb line in hand, the look accurate as a ruler, the mind rigid as a compass, we are building our works as the universe builds. This is why, when we represent objects, we are tearing up the labels their owners gave them, everything that is accidental and local, leaving them with just their essence and their permanence, to bring out the rhythm of the forces that hide in them."

-Realist Manifesto, Naum Gabo and Antoine Pevsner, 1920
I saved the lines for you...
Photographs of snow, a recycling bag, and the artist's body.  2013
Patterned Wall (Instillation at Deagu University, South Korea)
Leaves, water, faux stone wall.  
The artist, in collaboration with Molly Dressel, rubbed leaves onto the repeating pattern on the wall for several street blocks.  2012
Found Instillation Number 1
One of an ongoing project to document readymade instillations.  2012 - Present
Yes! Mr. President (at Gallery 788, Baltimore, MD)
(“Government should pay people to dig holes in the ground, and then fill them up.”)
Wall Text:
“Government should pay people to dig holes in the ground, and then fill them up.” - John Keynes. Both Franklin D. Roosevelt and Barack Obama have referenced the quote in speech and action, in an attempt to relieve America's economic crisis.

Both machines are functional. They each require two people to operate, and can be raised, lowered, aimed and spun. Everything was build with a strict adherence to the artists Manifesto*. The tools are constantly in action in order to exist. The works are constructed with balance, tension and adhesion. After the show, the tools were disassembled and returned to use in people's homes.
November 2012
Drawing through Self Immolation
Gasoline, Fire, and the Artist's Body.  The artist is a trained acrobat and pyrotechnician.  2012