The whole project Pure North started as our final Master Thesis. For this we went on a road trip through Scandinavia and visited almost 20 Designstudios in Denmark, Sweden and Norway personally. So we got first hand information in interviews about identity, cultural influences and personal inspiration. Our aim was to create a book, that tells the whole story behind this distinctive style that could be called Scandinavian Graphic Design and to combine design theory and research with cutting-edge projects to get a deeper understanding between Scandinavian cultural identity and Scandinavian Graphic Design itself. The project generated a lot of attention, so we had the opportunity to organize an international Pure North Conference and invited some of the most influential designers from Scandinavia to speak at the Muthesius University, Germany. We welcomed as our guests from Denmark Claus Due (Designbolaget). From Sweden Henrik Nygren (Henrik Nygren Design), Marcus Gärde (Bold Stockholm) and Göran Söderström (Letters from Sweden). And from Norway Hans Christian Ören (Oh Yeah Studio). The project was awarded with Silver at European Design Award and received the Bavarian State Prize for young designers. 
Thank you for your time.
We hope the project was worth it and you like it. 
Pure North — Book and Conference