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    40 is a photography and film project uniting cause, culture and creativity on a national scale.
I am proud to have worked on this project as both a Creative Director and one of the forty participating photographers.
40 is a photography and film project uniting Cause+Culture+Creativity on a national scale.
It involved the collaboration of forty prominent advertising, fashion, editorial, political and celebrity photographers, each were asked to shoot a single female subject from the millennial generation in their own creative way. Hailing from New York to Montana to L.A., their faces represent a cross section of religion, race and economic status. They are your neighbor, your friend, your sister.
What you see in the film are 40 deeply personal, artistic expressions woven together to create one powerful, stop-motion portrait of choice.  None of the photographers accepted a dollar for their work.
In addition to the film, the interactive website, Facebook, Twitter and other social sharing platforms, 40 is also being turned into a traveling exhibit across college campuses nationwide.
Our hope is where politics fall on deaf ears, the power of creativity will begin to open up new conversations.
The following are various pages from the interactive website.
To view the entire 40 portrait gallery, go to http://choiceoutloud.org/#intro
Photographer: Heidi Niemala
Photographer: Cade Martin
Photographer: Ryan Schude
ON THE SET WITH: Photographer Ryan Schude
Photographer: Jeff Martin
Photographer: Matthew Brush
Photographer: Derek Wood
ON THE SET WITH: Photographer Derek Wood
Photographer: Bryan Sheffield
Photographer: RJ Muna
Photographer: Steve Bonini
Photographer: John Huet
Photographer: Dan Busta
ON THE SET WITH: Photographer Dan Busta
Photographer: Naomi Harris
Photographer: Jesse Burke
Photographer: Jenn Ackerman
Photographer: Rachel Been
Photographer: Lionel Deluy
Photographer: JUCO: Julia Galdo + Cody Cloud
Photographer: Matthew Brush
Photographer: Cade Martin
Photographer: Lionel Deluy