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    Branding project (student-work) inspired by Korean illustrator: Moonassi
Oojoo (우주, 宇宙) is a make-belief lifestyle brand inspired by Korean illustrator: Moonassi (Kim Dae Hyun). Moonassi's sensibilities towards human emotions can be seen in his illustrations that he delivers with a certain tenderness and quietness. 
Drawing upon his illustrative exploration of man's relationship with the universe, I created Oojoo, a brand that believes in quiet appreciation of the universe and to live in compatibility with it.

The Logo
The Koreans have a long history of looking towards nature and the universe to form their basic building blocks in life. This is greatly exemplified in their architecture and especially in their language. The result of this constant reference to the world around them (and beyond) is a refined, simple and highly logical system that has sustained the Korean people for centuries. 
Hence, based on the Korean alphabet system, the logo is a deconstruction of the Sangje (상제, 三才)— sun ( ● ), man ( | ) and earth ( — ).