The Brief
Craft is a very important part of the design process. If a good idea is poorly crafted it may not grab the attention of the viewer or communicate as succinctly as it should. Playing with materials and media can lead to unusual and different solutions that may not have been achieved by any other means. With this in mind, choose a simple mundane artefact that interests you and make something magnificent from it. 

The Outcome
The objects I chose were Skittles, and after a bit of experimentation, I had the idea of making a life-size comic book cover of the Incredible Hulk. The final piece is A0 size, made from 5,100 Skittles, and took just over 30 hours to complete. The process video below shows the whole process…
Initial Experimentation
Further Experimentation
Sources of Inspiration - Pointillism, Mosaics, Pop Art 
Potential Comic Book Covers
Design Test 1 - Iron Man #131
Design Test 2 - The Incredible Hulk #225
Final Outcome
Final Outcome, 5100 Skittles mounted on A0 MDF