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AK-1 - Automatic Folding Electric Bike
Industrial Design

AK - 1 

Automatic Folding Electric Bike
Designed by Ronsben Huen  |  2016  |  HUSKY DESIGN

AK-1 is a new generation of personal mobility. It's a foldable electric bike that you can easily park anywhere. It can reach speeds of 20 MPH for up to 22 miles on a single charge.
The design is inspired by triangles which symbolizes stability and speed. I want it to look like a cool technology and a sense of aggression.

Automatic Electric Folding System

In the later stage of the project, we made a decision to make it a fully automatic folding electric bike.
We redesigned the structure and shape. We add two linear actuator into the body for folding purposes.
One Key To Fold —— Simply press a button on the seat bar to complete the extending and folding steps, which completely abandoned the complicated folding design, we can easily complete the folding anytime and anywhere. 
In addition, AK-1 also comes with a  USB smart charging output function and a high fidelity bluetooth speaker.
AK-1 was launched in 2017.
Model No:AK-1
Color: Grey
Battery:48V 8.7AH 18650/2900Ah Lithium 
Battery Brands: LG / Samsung / Panasonic
Motor:48V/350W/German Brushless Motor Technology
Burglar Alarm: Available
Bluetooth Speaker: 4.0 Water-proof Stereo Bluetooth Speak,Effective Distance 20m Far
Tyres: 12'' E4 Standard
Damper: Front Wheel Shock Absorb
Foldable: Button Electronic Auto Folding System Start
Start-up Style: Remote Start
Braking: Electromagnetic Disc Brake System
Waterproofing Grade: IP*4
Product Weight: 22.5 KGS
Max Load: 250 KGS     
Max Speed: 25-30KM/H
Range: 35-50KM
Charging Time: 3-4 hours
Product Size Before Folding: 124.4*61.2*109.5 CM
Product Size Folding: 89.5*31.2*96.7CM
Package Size:128*34.5*56 CM
AK-1 - Automatic Folding Electric Bike

AK-1 - Automatic Folding Electric Bike

2016 Husky Design