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    Acer Mobile & Intel Smartphone Advertising and Product Launch
Playing Together.
That's Lovely.
When Acer launched the first Intel-powered Smartphones  the Philippines, they had this to say: We all need to remember how to play again. We’re busy chasing our dreams, but we all can take a break and play around with something else. Who knows? We just might find what we’re really looking for.
So when we organized the launch for Acer’s resellers, to play around was the brief. What we ended up with wasn’t really a launch; it was a summer barbecue party! We got everyone to dance in shorts and flip-flops, and everybody got to know how Acer’s new phones can help us learn to play again.
To tell the rest of the country about Acer’s message, we designed PlaySpace. We got interesting people together and made them share the interesting things they did.
The PlaySpace speakers had only one thing in common: they love their work so much, it’s all just play to them. We all should be like that, don’t you think?
Acer Mobile

* Advertising

* Print
* Environment

* Motion
* Website
* Wearable

• Nelwin Uy (Event Photography)
• Bremont Studio (Event Photography & Video Coverage)
• Gentle Universe (Video Score)
• Moving Things (Animation)
• Confluence Asia (Event Management)