TIFF: Love is the Answer
Continuing our work developing animated content for TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival), we present one of our favorite animations to date. Guilermo Del Toro talks about how we must all choose love over fear in an excerpt from a Q&A for The Shape of Water recorded at TIFF. With sound/music by Jeff Moberg.

Production Studio: Polyester Studio
Creative Direction: Jeremy Dimmock
Producer: Robyn Smale
Animation and art: Oliver Dead, Ariel Costa, Yuki Yamada, Kristian Duffy, Sarah Choi, Kaya Horiya
Final compositing and colour correcting: Bob Zagorskis
Music and sound design: Jeff Moberg
Client: TIFF / Toronto International Film Festival
Narration: Guilermo Del Toro
View the audio case study HERE
TIFF: Love is the Answer