BKS Perseus. The core broker support system
Wealthy and corporate clients are served by personal brokers who spend their whole days looking for buy and sell opportunities. It takes two huge monitors plus couple of external and internal systems (mail, news and ticker terminals, СRM, compliance database). 

The Perseus system is designed to unite data from internal systems allowing users spend less time swithing windows and trying to remember all the things they have to do. It does it by steamlining internal processes and procedures, showing required info right when the brokers need it most. And the user interface here is part of such steamlining.

Vlad Golovach was mostly involved in interface and graphics design while Alexey Copylove have mostly worked on research — performing most interviews with the users and mapping their activity.
The UI map. Lots of features in a few screens.
One screen from the intentionally ugly prototype made in Balsamiq Mockups.
Activity map by Alexey Copylove. The brokers do a complex work so the map is necessarily complex too.