How I Choose a Perfect Beach Towel for my Vacation
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    How I Choose a Perfect Beach Towel for my Vacation
How I Choose a Perfect Beach Towel for my Vacation
It is summer, and temperatures are getting hotter.

With the high heat comes some water fun. I assume you’re spending some time on a beach, or at a swimming pool.

At least I am.

Now, you’ll need to pack a few items for your beach visit. One would be a beach towel.

But, if you don’t know how to pick one, then no worries. Below, I’ll list a few tips to help you pick a towel.

They’re easy to follow. And you can buy a towel in minutes!

(1) Get a Tall Towel.
Your beach towel will cover your entire body. And this is crucial, especially for women.

As a woman, you cover your top and lower bodies simultaneously. And your towel has to be long enough for the job.

Also, a longer towel helps you stay warm. It traps more body heat as you walk out of the waters.

And this ensures you don’t lose too much heat, ending up with a cold.

And thirdly, a tall towel dries you well. Tall towels tend to be made from good fabrics that absorb water fast.

Speaking of fabrics…

(2) Get Microfiber.
A microfiber beach towel is the best.

Their follicles have very small diameters. And they’re not harsh on your body, like with normal towels.

In fact, the follicles of the tower are thinner than human hair. So you have many of them, which leads to powerful absorption effects.

Microfibers are suitable for people with sensitive skin. If you don’t want something rough, this is the towel to get.

(3) Make Sure it’s Sand Repellent.
You don’t want a towel that traps sand. The trapped sand will mix with the water on your body. And it’ll make it muddy as you walk off…

Beach towels that repel sand are hygienic. And they’re the easiest to clean and maintain.

Also, sand repulsion is suitable for accidents. For example, if you push or drop your towel onto beach sand, you don’t have to worry about ruining it.

What Repels Sand?
Microfibers do.

Microfibers don’t just have small diameters. They’re also short, and so they don’t trap sand the same way normal towels do.

In fact, microfiber towels tend to be much smoother than normal towels. And that’s why we highly recommend them.

But Where do I Get Microfiber Towels?
You can do so at GoBreezie.

There, you’ll get a beach towel that repels sand here, and made out of microfiber. And you can get your towel in different shapes and styles too!

The towels are affordable, and they’ll last you long.

There’s nothing more to wait for. Visit the website, and get your towels now!