10 Things of Kosovo, Full Illustration & AR Animation
Write down wishes for future Kosovo or yourself, and hang this piece of paper on the tree. The country would benefit from your imagination and expectation to shape the future.
Democracy Wall takes the ideas from voting system, which is one of the most valuable value we cherish in democracy. On this wall, we list 10 most desired changes for Kosovo. Visitors may cast their ballots by putting the cards into the voting box. At the end of the exhibition, we would reveal the most desired changes based on the votes.
We’ve developed an online test for figuring out what kind of Kosovar we are, and what are the personalities we treasure for future leaders. You can do the online test, then collect others result statistically. After taking the test, you can also take a picture with the check-in background in the exhibition and share it with your friends.
Kosovo NEXT 10 interactive exhibition