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    Collection of hand tufted carpets to present the technical capabilities of the manufacturer.
The collection "Personal Identity" was created as a Masters Degree project in collaboration with Valley OÜ - one of the largest hand tufted carpet producers in Europe. The idea was to produce an exhibition collection for trade fairs to show  the technical capabilities of the production company.  It was presented  at Domotex 2013 in Hannover, Germany.
"Personal Identity" consists intensively coloured carpets produced using handtuting technique. It is inspired by people´s various "egos" and inner worlds, with a touch of undivided love for nature. At the same time it has not been left untouched by the madness and chaos that is taking over the modern world. The characters vary from dreamy to rebellious and are taken from the inside to the outside like the pattern on butterfly wings. Different shapes and sizes, which most don´t follow the traditional carpet dimensions, emphasize the variety in mankind. "Personal Identity" is intentionally striking, balanced on the border between abstract and concrete using wool, viscose and different pile heights in order to tickle the viewers imagination and senses.
Designer: Heleri Alexandra Sits
Producer: Valley OÜ