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    CareDot. A telecare device designed like furniture to fit beautifully in any interior.

Never Hide Telecare

CareDot is a telecare, a device that offers user and family security and peace of mind. With one button, you are connected with trained operator who will deal with your emergency 24 hours a day. Unlike other telecare, CareDot is designed to fit beautifully in any interior. Material and colours are carefully selected and crafted like a good furniture. You can place it anywhere and it will always be beautiful in your home. 

Reliable And Easy To Use

The goal for designing CareDot is to maintain what make every safety device safe and make sure it fit beautifully in your home. To make it safe we make sure it is highly visible and easy to operate. The alarm button is big and clearly label. The button can be pressed by a finger or a palm. It is in an indent that prevent accidental pressing. A button with a person icon is for calling preset number. This number can be set to call family member or a specialist who deals with non urgent care. We notice that most user manuals are misplaced or lost so we design a slot where the manual can be kept and will be there when you need it. This slot can be used to store a note or medical ID. 

Customisable and Flexible

We learned that different house have different preferences. So we decide that CareDot with different color to match different interior isn’t enough. We also make the alarm button customisable. This allow user to choose a symbol that make the most sense for their use case scenario along with personal message surrounding it. CareDot can be placed on table, wall mounted and on the stand which retain the benefit of wall mount but also allow it to be placed on flat surface. This flexibility and customisability make  CareDot not only great for home but also public space such as school, hotel or office.