Freak Athlete Apparel - Crossfit & Fitness Design Work
Freak Athlete Apparel - Crossfit Brand 
Apparel for weightlifting and fitness athletes.
Custom Branded Crossfit Illustration of "Chappie" doing some Snatchin, or Hook Grippin, just tearing up the gym in south Africa about to go flip some tires and eat someones shirt! 
"F**K your Donuts" illustration is basically a way to help you adjust to a better diet. just hate the sweet jelly filled, fat sugar blobs of deliciousness 
and then Boom! You're healthier!
lol but on the real real here its a fun little funny illustration of John Wick the Slice of Bacon, taking out the donuts cause they're making everyone fat and like anti Crossfit! 
So yeah! lol totally just made since there with what i wrote... roll with it and lets move on... 
aaaand now we are Moving onto more branded designs and apparel layouts. including socks! cause yeah! Man I love you Crossfit People and fitness brands! 
Yall keep me busy busy! 
Now to the really good stuff! Here below are photos I found while browsing 
Freak Athlete Apparel's social Media and man I am cheesin'!!! Proud of these guys/gals! 
They're doing awesome work getting the hype for their brand out there, on all sorts of merch, from t-shirts, stickers, socks, the whole lot! and FA has got the pictures to prove it! Love seeing people sporting my artwork, but Crossfit takes it on a whole other level and like everyone is so super excited and happy... this makes me happy! Good Job Guys! 
I don't know where i would be today without the Crossfit community! 
truly grateful to be able to work with the brands, gyms, and athletes! y'all are great! 
ok moving on here some more
, these were some like business card layouts / handouts for pre-press and printing! 
cool cool ...
YEAHHH BUDDY! They even done did a Beard Sub Brand of awesomeness too!
Freak Athlete Beard Care! These guys are so high speed man!
Pictures below are featuring the custom Branded Illustration I created for them, 
the skull and beard... Gosh just makes my beard tingle writing this. lol 
OK SooooOOOooo in conclusion here,
in this post is Freak Athlete Apparel hands down
is one of my Favorite MVP Clients for sure! 
They did an outstanding job and im definitely glad they
let me work with them on these projects. FO SHO!

Here is the link to their website and be sure 
to follow them on social media as well!

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Grabbed this From their website & Brand Bio

Freak athlete apparel is not just for the advanced athlete. 
We are for any athletic freak that is at the gym grinding for progress, 
doing what they need to do every day to get better. 
We want the people wearing our gear to be the ones that are setting the example in the gym. 
You are there for you, to get faster, stronger, or just overall more fit.  
We are a lifestyle brand, to wear inside and out of the gym to show everyone 
that you are the real freak athletes, you set your goals and do whatever it takes to make them a reality. Like the saying goes "hard work beats talent any day". 
 Keep grinding FA battalion "
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Illustration and most of the work was created and designed using Adobe Illustrator! 
Mockups i did (few posted in there somewhere) were done in Photoshop.

Special Shout out to Wacom! truly! This tablet is like my Excalibur! 
( maybe one day I can pull a Cintiq out of a rock, that would be pretty epic... and confusing.. cough*cough)

Thank you for checking out my project! 
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Freak Athlete Apparel - Crossfit & Fitness Design Work

Freak Athlete Apparel - Crossfit & Fitness Design Work

Freak Athlete Apparel - Crossfit Brand  Apparel for weightlifting and fitness athletes. Crossfit Enthusiasts and Tire throwing Bad-asses busine Read More