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    Porcelain sculptures with personal messages for the future
Message for eternity
porcelain sculptures
Once porcelain is fired there is no going back. A Fired piece of porcelain, emerging form the final fire, surviving the 1300 degrees, may accompany us on Earth for a few thousands of years. Great responsibility.
I take this responsibility and fill it with meaning. Our thoughts, stories and precious memories deserv to live ever long, and ceramics have always been the messenger from the past. Clay preserved our past from the ancient times till today, and porcelain is ready to do it so for the next generations.
The question is... what do we want to say? And what we think now, will it be still true in a hundred years? It may not be. But as we like to know about the law of the Roman empire, the sciences of Egypt, our future humans (or which ever species) will be also curious.
The world is more and more digital, even paper goes forgotten soon. Both digital data, and phisical books and paper can be destroyed by disasters of different kinds. But porcelain is one of the most durable materials on Earth. It may break to pieces, but never can be destroyed without resembling.
The pieces were made at Haviland, Limoges, France in 2012.