Brand Identity

Brand identity resembles what a company stands for and tries to present its goals and values. Dubrava’s identity was untouched for the last 80 years and it deserved to be refreshed and updated. Dubrava is an agricultural brand that produces agricultural equipment. Its primary goal is to achieve enhancement in ways that people cultivate land.

Endless interpretation.
Single endpoint.

Symbol's integrity is derived from more than one aspect. As a company operating in various industries like agriculture, print and construction, Dubrava deserved symbol that can withstand various interpretations, yet staying simple and unified. Priority was enabling interpretation of a rooster, stacked paper or even agricultural machine without the need to explicitly describe these terms. It holds its meaning in broad spectrum, yet remaining graphic clarity and simplicity in technical terms. Graphic shapes and geometric assets are of an importance in Dubrava’s visual identity. Geometry is used not as a branding extension but as an integrated part needed for marketing, stationary and branding elements.
Great in monochrome.
Amazing in color.

Primary colors of the brand are red, orange and black. Starting point of the color scheme development was red, where connection to Dubrava's history and products was obvious. Retaining previous key color allowed further experimentation with complementary colors and shapes for achieving greater aesthetics.
Crafted as an artwork.
Used as a tool.
Familiar typography.
Entirely new typeface.

Typeface research was broad and extensive. Opificio and Helvetica Neue were the optimal for reviving Dubrava’s old typeface while retaining professional and consistent design language.
Century of past.
Millennia of future.

Dubrava is a company with long tradition. Its previous logo was a logotype. We wanted to escape original concept where individual symbol is not present. We developed recognizable symbol in addition to Opificio typeface to express what we think is the ultimate exhibit of Dubrava’s brand.
Celebrating past.
Awaiting the future.
Media coverage
Designers on the site

We love to make sure brand implementation is going as planned, therefore, our mission and personal satisfaction is to visit the events of our beloved clients and collaborators and see if everything's going as planned. We also track the progress of brand itself as their new identity shines in front of the crowd.
Dubrava Brand Identity

Dubrava Brand Identity

Visual identity for agricultural brand from Serbia. Brand identity resembles what a company stands for and tries to present its goals and values Read More