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    Portraits of my friends wearing same glasses - mine
Wear My Glasses
by Evgenia Nikolova
I was given a gorgeous pair of sunglasses as a present in April 2011. It turned out everybody was into my new shades and wanted to try them on. It was fun to find out how the flower-spangled frames appealed to both women and men alike, so I took pictures of my friends wearing my glasses to post those photos on Facebook. Over time thоse pictures turned into a chronicle of my meetings with my friends – we see each other in person less frequently these days, no surprise in that - so I was taking the chance to photograph every one of my friends I met with my sunglasses on. A year later, Wear My Glasses emerged as an open project with over 100 portraits.
Wear My Glasses is a non commercial project and consists of 100+ colour photos taken and edited with iPhone 4
And some photos from the following exhibition in June 2012 at Atera Print&Gallery Sofia.