To create my personal logo, there were three premises:
First it had to be minimal in shape, so it doesn't compete for attention with the animated visuals and graphics. 
Second it should have a solid yet adaptable structure so it can meld into whatever media I wish to use it in without losing its identity (especially considering the ever changing proportions and ratios of the digital media), be versatile in a way that, when I animate it, I can freely tinker with its form and relation to the content.
Third it must be strong and easily recognizable in the middle of other symbols and imagery, so it maintains individuality.
Trying not to stray from these guidelines, I based its structure on basic shapes of geometry.
I chose the triangle because of its sturdy yet flexible shape, easy to stack and organize (a fact well known in arquitecture) and also for its resemblance to one of the symbols of movement: the arrowhead. I built it to be shaped like the letter "M" packing a double meaning: "Meinedo" & "Motion/Movement".
Grid Structure
Shapes & Colors
Another concept I thought to try out, was for the logo to soak or embody the characteristics and mood of the project that it labels, acting as a window, mirror or recipient for the content.
Video Watermarks
This bumper is just another possibility of the kind of relation I want the logo to have with content. In this particular case, it works as a wrapper for the animation canvas itself.