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Project “Creativity Workshop”
Project “Creativity Workshop”
Everything began with my inspiration for sharing what I know and gathered during the last year about boosting creativity and learning different techniques.
At that time I started participating in courses and workshops, but there was a really good one that inspired me Dream. Do. Enjoy. Share. Workshop by Kikki-k. The purpose of this workshop is to inspire and empower people the world over to live their best lives every day.

In this workshop I learned about:
• Discover the power of living with intention
• Explore your dreams and set goals to turn them into reality
• Recognise talents and strengths and how to use them to help others
• Create an inspiring morning routine to set yourself up for success
• Celebrate the little things to boost productivity and creativity
• Learn how to take action to live your best life every day

I genuinely believe that everyone, no exemptions, can be creative and with enough perseverance and training, everyone can reach their full potential. Furthermore, I believe that I can incentivize people even when they do not think that they can become more creative.

That’s how I started putting information together. I started reading about everything, doing different exercises and activities, consulting books related to creativity and anything that could help to communicate a clear explanation of what I want to say and share about being creative.

I built this workshop as a practice activity, focus on anyone that wants to learn and share their creativity. Do you want to learn how to stimulate your imagination and creativity? Do you want to feel inspired or motivated?

Come to participate in my workshop, learn how to exploit all your potential and discover how to free your imagination and creativity. You can also check an infographic that I’ve made: Ideas to stimulate Creativity.

What will you learn in this workshop?
- What is creativity and its meaning
- The importance of questions
- Questions for self-reflection
- Learning as creative stimulation
- The use of writing as a creative tool
- Activity: make lists and write
- How to stay motivated
- Solve problems as motivation
- Activity: solve an issue
- About manifestos and how to write them
- Activity: write a manifesto
- Techniques to improve creativity

The objective is to understand the concept of creativity through practical experiences. Learn how to develop the creativity of the participants. Experience creative capabilities while discovering some keys to its application in everyday experiences. Experiment and learn creative techniques.

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Project “Creativity Workshop”

Project “Creativity Workshop”