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    Promotional poster for Mozart's 'A little night music'
A poster design workshop was taken by Rajesh Dahiya & Vivek Sadamate from Codesign, where we were given a brief to write hundred words about a given song, title it in a word & one line heading; And find an appropriate object to add meaning your write up; And finally compose a promotional poster for the same. The song I chose was 'A little night music' by Mozart and the word I picked was Wandering. As I listened to the music, I imagined myself, in the woods, running, prancing around..... wandering. The object which I could relate to was the Ribbon because of its flow. 
The music bursts open with a range of strong emotions spreading optimism all around. It makes you tear apart from the hidden grief, introducing you to the excitement and happiness of your true soul.
There is an air inevitability, yet it emphasizes on its uniqueness in this eloquent repertoire. The music flows naturally, wandering about, with a subtle touch of magic.
The final poster
I tried to portray the smoothness of the song through the flow of ribbons
The writeup was very important as it made me share the experience while listening to Mozart.