It is sometimes not convenient to type a number you want to dial or type a quick text message with a touch interface. Just as in computers, a physical keyboard still remain the more effective tool for such kind of efficient productivity, at the same time, the touch interface bring the interaction between user and the machine to a whole new level, made of sensuality and logic. 
How about being able to switch from a physical keyboard to a large touch area on the same device? 

BA smartphone name comes from the number eight in chinese language, that remind the shape of the 8 number that is, in his basic digital shape, symmetrical both horizontally and vertically, a symbol of full versatility.
The architecture of BA is made of an aluminum structure body divided in to two equal parts, on a basic phone configuration, the top part contains a touch screen, while the bottom have a physical keyboard with generous keys dimensions which make it easier to use for elder people, as well as to avoid mistyping for everybody. When flipping the keyboard base on the other side, we now have access to a wide touch area to use touch applications in a vertical or horizontal way. With a capture button located on the frame, the BA phone can also be hold as a traditional camera to capture pictures, and when flipping the camera part towards the user, it become easy to make a self-portrait while controlling picture framing.