Comic Book Lettering 

Here you can find some of my comic book lettering works. These are projects published mostly in italy, with some stories written by me. And also translations of foreign comics. I normally use Adobe InDesign and Adobe Illustrator for lettering, logo creation and book design. 

Riae - The Graphic Novel
Celestial Archers (logo design and pages)
Vidas de Papel
Not So Super Dave (Cover, logo Design and pages)
(Goofy Froot)

I Tre Baskettieri (logo, cover design and pages)
(Colber Edizioni)
Cotton Tales Vol.1 & Spada Vol.1 
Norby - La Leggenda degli Animali Straordinari 
Little Norby - Quando il Gatto è in vacanza (logo & cover design) 
La Guida per la Dominazione del Mondo (Logo design and pages)
The Gathering Storm
(Final Impact Comics)
Il Sentiero
(Round Robin)
Videogames Comic Reviews
(Il Manifesto, italian daily newspaper)

Monsieur Prudhomme (--> Logo Design and a sample page)
Tales of Vulcania
(Scout Comics )
- Vulcania (RPG Corebook Design)
(Gear Games)
Scourge of the Seas (Logo Design, Card Design)
(Valknut Studio) 
- Jurassic Fu & Esso - L'ultimo Fumettista 
(Dayjob Studio & ManFont)
Shadows - La Ballata del Nero Cherubino & Shadows / Hooligans 
Billy Bat 
(Goen Manga)
Otomen (inDesign work layout)
(Goen Manga)
Comics Lettering

Comics Lettering

Here you can find some examples of comic book lettering made by myself.