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Par ou Ìmpar
School Final Project for Milkshake Design - Showcom  agency store.
It has no equal. 
In this perspective we also know that there's a special relationship by humans with the odd numbers, because they are those who charged with various myths and beliefs. 
Humanity lives in constant search of unique and individuality in everything they do, we can verify this issue either in cultures, in ideologies, etc, the propose to be different.
As a unique brand, this message is directed to they clients and fans, to think about themselves so that they feel self-affirmed as odd in a society where everything seems to be equal.
Pair or Odd?
A special thanks to:
Isa Marques | Cláudia Ramalho | Ninja
Beja | Flávio Joaquim
Frederico Favoreto
Mafalda Pinto Coelho
Cláudio Henriques | Gonçalo Coelho
Art Direction: The Milkshake Brothers
2008 - Lisbon (Our first campaign)
http://www.milkshake.pt/ | http://www.magestil.pt/