One of my favorite places--Bryant Park, NYC. Where are all the humans?!
Hornet hunting with the best looking Europeans, Zim & Bogdan.
Gorgeous shot of the GWB taken by my best friend @acalv89 and edited by me.
Guarding the backyard from squirrels with my little brother, Charlie.
Smoke study with a wine glass and a couple of drags.
DISCLAIMER: Many wine bottles were killed in the making of this shot.
Who records without setting up massive amounts of Christmas lights and apple cinnamon candles? @SerenePark_NJ
The day before Hurricane Sandy, these guys were out ballooning around over I-287.
My neighborhood, and the street I lived on. I wouldn't have wanted to grow up anywhere else.
Setting up the restaurant with some of the best coffee in the NY/NJ area. @Basil_Ts
Gummi bear obsessed. I miss living with this guy. @acalv89
@joaquinmiles and I are sharks. Probably the only sharks that haven't won a game yet.
ARCHIPORN. I miss building models in studio. 
I remember running into my parent's bedroom when I had nightmares as a kid, and sleeping sandwhiched in between them because I was too scared to go back to bed alone.
Taken the day after Hurricane Sandy. Through destruction comes rebirth.
Celebrating graduation with some of the coolest cats in the animal kingdom. @zimseferi