A Vector illustration to commemorate the Best Show in town
Client: New York International Auto show
Agency: Situation Interactive
It was a pleasure to be invited to create a new vector key visual to represent the 2013 New York International Auto Show. I was told that my idea of incorporating the Statue of Liberty in 2012 ( you can see it here:http://bit.ly/AxhxPI) was an iconic visual that resonated very well throughout web and print, so much so that the client decided to leverage the pose yet again. This time from a straight on view, and in a more celebratory environment.
"This year's poster artwork serves a lot of purposes, most of which is to promote and advertise the New York City auto show. The poster artwork traditionally sets the tone for the show. This year, the graphic is very attention-grabbing due to the central focus being Lady Liberty. She is supposedly featured in a “triumphant drive around the city as ticker-tape rains down.” - Show Chairman John LaSorsa
(quote credit: Examiner.com,automotive car exhibit-January 24, 2013- By: Alan Gell)
Within this collection I'll take you through the evolution of this project, from vector initial sketches on to the final.
Cheers and enjoy.
Fui invitado a crear una nueva clave visual para representar el 2013 New York International Auto Show.
Me dijeron que mi idea de la incorporación de la Estatua de la Libertad en 2012 (se puede ver aquí: http://bit.ly/AxhxPI) fue una idea visual increíble que fue muy bien recibido a través de Internet y fuera de impresión, hasta el punto de que el cliente decidió aprovechar la icónica pose todavía una ganancia. Esta vez de una recta en la visión, y de manera más festivos.
Puede leer más sobre el diseño aquí:

Dentro de esta colección te llevará a través de la evolución de este proyecto, desde los bocetos iniciales del vector en la final.
Saludos y disfrutar.
Initial Vector sketches below- yes- sketched in vector through the use of my wacom tablet. Why no pencil sketch? Because I just move faster in vector.
Vector sketch exploration 1- leveraging Deco cues and a stylized car.
Vector sketch exploration #2- a different pose for Lady Liberty and obviously, a more prominent headline
Above and below Round 1- Truly sloped back the perspective of the car but also was instructed to increase the scale of Lady Liberty beyond realistic  dimensions...for immediate impact.
Outline paths below.
The next evolution took us from a twilight scene to a more blue sky, mid-day afternoon.
With a less stylized automobile and a larger, less aggressive ( in posture) Lady Liberty.
Next we explored different facial expressions.
Here we included a significant amount of detail. This one I'll never forget, because I had to complete this while also exhibiting my other Vector art at Fountain Art Fair Miami Basel 2012...pheww, that was a much work!
A detailed close up of the vector.
At this point we found the perfect expression and pose!
Worried that we might have too much visual information within the background, simplification and possible new lighting was explored.
Not enough confetti.
Just the right amount!
The vector outlines which create the composition.
The final Vector illustration with headline and communication flowed in by Situation Interactive's creative team.
With creating the Signature Illustration for the event, it then becomes an intergral part of the mutide of advertising and awarenss drivers. Here are a few examples of the ranging from TV commercial (which I did not design),
Out -Of-Home signage and  supplemental New York Daily News Cover.
Thank you very much for visiting.
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