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    Soap Packaging project.
Vernal Organic Soap
Student Packaging Project
The objective behind this student project was to create a fictional product design. I chose to create a project for a fictional soap company, Vernal Organic Soap. The designs of each individual soap wrapping emphasizes three different sections of the tree: roots, trunk, & branches. When the wooden box is opened, each soap package is resting on a bed of wood shavings. In addition to the product design, I have created a print ad of Vernal Organic Soap.
The name Vernal is an alternate name for the Spring Equinox. I chose this name because the illustrations are suppose to relate to the transition between the Winter and Spring seasons. Vernal Organic Soap is the perfect balance between Winter and Spring. While nature rests during the Winter, Spring brings new life. 

The main emphasis for this project was to keep the natural textures and visuals of nature. I chose to keep the natural wood texture of the box as well as wood shavings in order to incorporate the natural feel of the product.