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    I took an illustrative and scientific approach for an entomology museum gift shop packaging.
Ento the Wild Packaging Design
Bug Packaging for an Entomology Museum Gift Shop
The objective behind this project was to create bag packaging design for a business. My business was an entomology museum gift shop. 

In order to appeal to both children and adults, I chose to create a packaging system that was elegant as well as playful for all ages. I chose to incorporate ink blots into each logo as well as on the sides of the bags. Due to the variation in sizes, each bag has its own individual logo.

Each bag has a different logo: a butterfly, dragonfly, and a fly. The butterfly logo is for large bags, the dragonfly logo is for the bug habitat, and the fly logo is for smaller bags. The smallest bag also has a beetle clasp used to enclose the top of the bag. 

I chose to keep the colors simple and the logo design/ textures detailed. I was inspired to use inkblots for my logos due to the patterns seen on the backs of beetles. In addition to the design on beetles, ink blots also appealed to the scientific and mature nature of a museum. 

I sketched out four insects originally and intended to produce four bags. Although I did not create the fourth bag, I intended for the logo design on the bag to be a beetle, which is also included in the slideshow.