I saw, I waited, but now I'm here
I saw, I waited, but now I'm here

The project tells an aspect of medical life within the National Cancer Institute of Milan. All the medical-scientific dynamics of the Institute, living the inevitable emotional components that impregnate its everyday life. Tension, pain, joy, hope and emotional ties make the hospital a sort of real city. Exactly like a city, the Institute assumes the forms of a landscape in which emotions are stratified and remain impressed. Become a victim of his own identity, often brutal, but in reality there is something else. In fact, in it, it is possible to find the energy and the strength of many abilities to arouse strong emotions inside. It started with this new energy, I embarked on a path of acceptance of the disease. I wanted to cross the curtains of those sales, of that landscape that scared and distressed me. I tried to tell it through my memories, retracing those unforgettable feelings experienced by the inexorable dilation and the fight against time. A wait that involves the doctor, the patient and the family member. A wait that reveals, in good and evil, the strongest emotions that the human being can perceive. In this project I have tried to reveal to myself, and to translate into image, the petrification and tension that is in the past in an attempt to overcome what the disease generates and "returns", and to finally accept it as such.