The Goal project was to create the signage and branding for a festival. I worked in conjunction with two other group members. Our festival was called Illuminate Philly and was a winter based event that celebrates the time of year.  The event was based in Rittenhouse square and ran in both day and night. The festival would have food, Ice sculpting, a warmth area, and once daylight recedes a light show. This festival is a family event and our designs were intended to accommodate Adults, children, and the physically handicap
Here is our inspiration and color pallette, we decided to use a theme of crystallization for this project and here are the images that inspired us!
Here we have potential areas to be utilized for our festival concept, within Rittenhouse Square.
Our info-graphic map of our festival, utilizing our palette, this map would later be used as part of our signage.
This piece of signage is in reference to the ice sculpting portion of the event.  The podium looking sign is meant to be visible by all and is at a reasonable height.
This piece of signage is our welcome structure. it is fairly large in order to be eye catching and draw the users attention to it. On the sign is the map of the festival. There would be one of these at almost every corner of the Square, with one being omitted as it is near a busy intersection that does not have a cross walk. Omitting this piece would encourage visitors to use other festival entrances and keep those visiting out of the danger of the intersection.
This is a directional way-finding signage type in that would be attached to the lamp posts in the square. During the day they would be clearly visible in the sunlight and at night once visibility is lowered the lamp posts would light up, utilizing the transparent nature of the materials, and add pops of color in the night to both increase visibility and ease of way-finding.
This is the spacial application for three of our signage concepts, the first being the purely visual way-finding elements that would light up in the night; the second being the informational podiums that would provide information to the viewers about the ice sculptors, and finally the direction piece of the lamp post signage that would guide viewers to key points in the festival.