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    Konema Mwenenge and his firm Nemesis International has been doing amazing work in the field of Rough Diamonds.
Nemesis International to Raise the Diamond Trade In Dubai
The demand for diamonds is strong irrespective of the fluctuations in the market price. The diamond industry runs on an elaborate process which consists of mining of diamonds, extracting them, polishing diamonds and sale. The rough diamonds are usually separated based on the characteristics like size, color, and shape. The rough diamonds are usually shipped to other countries from where they are mined based on the demand. Experts pay special attention to diamond cutting and polishing which increases the value of the diamond. The market for diamonds is booming in Dubai which led to the entry of new business makers.
Local polishing factory - Dubai

Nemesis International which is the leading diamond business in Dubai set up a diamond polishing facility Almas Diamond services in collaboration with Dubai Multi Commodoties Center (DMCC) the CEO, Konema Mwenenge of Nemesis International said that this set-up is aimed to streamline the diamond polishing process locally. High-value rough diamonds can now be sent for cutting and polishing in their local factory instead of transporting them. Among global diamond trading, Dubai stands in the third position and this new facility can help Dubai to move up the diamond trading ladder.  

About Nemesis International

This business was established with the purpose of trading diamonds in Dubai with transparency and traditional values. Founded in the year 2015, Nemesis International offers unique solutions in diamond trading and sales. It provides high-quality diamonds to wholesale and retail businesses and serves as a precious partner for their trade. They are also known for providing customized services to their clients during all stages of diamond cutting and polishing. The precision and ethics used to run Nemesis International paved way and support for opening the brand new Almas Diamond factory.  

The decision to open a local diamond cutting factory was hugely supported by the DMCC, which is Dubai’s authority on commodities and trade facilitation. The world’s famous constellation diamond which is estimated to be 813ct is sent to Nemesis International for cutting and polishing. Such a huge task has been assigned to Almas Diamond Services faciltity and it is expected to take 10-12 months of time to finish the job. The constellation diamond is known to be expensive rough diamond ever sold.  

Almas Diamond Services

The Almas Diamond Services cutting and polishing facility is the key to increase diamond trade in Dubai as per the DMCC reports. It will be a one-stop shop for the diamond cutting needs in the country. This strategic move of opening a cutting facility is to vertically integrate the mining and polishing business. It is expected that rough to polished diamonds volume will exponentially increase in the coming years with this initiation.
The CEO, Konema Mwenenge thinks that this facility will be the precedent for more future factories to arise in Dubai. Their facility is equipped with state-of-art materials and technologies to deliver high-quality diamonds. It will also improve the turnaround of diamonds in a short time as it is the first hi-tech facility which can handle cutting and polishing processes in a high volume.