About Tripsta brands
Tripsta is one of the largest and most recognized leaders in the online travel industry. It's platform offers a booking engine that processes a huge number of flight requests, giving the ability to search, combine results and book a trip. Under the same platform runs the most famous brand in Greece, airtickets website, which actually during the last years has a vivid existence in the global arena. Travelplanet24 is the sole player in the online ferry ticket sales industry, providing travelers around the globe with an easy solution to find and book tickets to access to Greece’s scenic island destinations.

We help people find the best way to travel!
We’re more than just an average travel website. We help people find the best way to travel  – wherever they are going and however they want to get there. 

One of the most ambitious steps of the company is to enclose various means of transportations in the booking process.The plans for the next months for the booking engine is to offer, combine and compare results including flights, trains, buses and ferries transforming an OTA to a multimodal platform.

In order to make search experience seamless and intuitive, the design team worked on creating and establishing the brand guidelines through brands, defining brand colors, brand icons, ui icons, typography and design patterns. That process will help us keep brand consistency clear and code maintenance feasible.

Abstract views gave us a bird's eye in order to categorize the gravity of the elements of the website, so that we could define the brand colors and product icons.

Parallelism between brands. Guidelines for color gravity, icon roles, UI iconset, typography etc.
Tripsta Home page / Abstract view
Tripsta Results / Abstract view
Tripsta Result Details / Abstract view
Tripsta Passengers step / Abstract view
Tripsta Addons step / Abstract view
Tripsta Checkout / Abstract view
Airtickets Home page / Abstract view
Airtickets Results page / Abstract view
Airtickets Addons step / Abstract view
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Multimodal brand establishment