What a Shitshow Exhibition
What a Shitshow

In June 2018, I opened my second solo exhibition called “What a Shitshow” at the Art Centre La Panera, surrounded by friends and family. 

This exhibition is a retrospective of my last five years of professional and personal practice, combined with several new pieces and the official presentation of my Green Fairy font family.

This exhibition amplifies the use of language as cultural identity. The inspiration behind this show is the use of language, the popular sayings and my Catalan scatological background, featuring the acts of drinking, eating, peeing, and pooping as elements part of a natural cycle in relationship and respect towards the land (ecology avant la lettre).
All images below by Jordi V. Pou, unless specified.
Photo by Xavi Vaqué
A big thank you to the whole team at La Panera for being a dream to work with. And a huge thank you to everyone who came to celebrate it with me!

What a Shitshow
June 9 – September 30, 2018
Centre d’Art la Panera
Lleida, Spain
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