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    A fun trip to nostalgia and good memories! 90's love
Cover illustration for Bacánika magazine.

The brief was short but not so simple: To create a picture that contains a dream team of characters from the 90's, mostly portraits.

Later they decided that a much broader approach would be to integrate these references to typography.

As 90's children we had to go on a colorful and yet nostalgic travel in time to our childhood, and start remembering tv shows, characters, videogames, movies and music stars as references for the illustration.

1) We started by printing the cover template to know in what space we were going to work on, We placed some thick numbers and then roughly sketched those references that came to mind.
Once happy with the composition we began to polish every element and vectorize everything.
2) The next step was the coloring, starting with some basic shades of grey (no pun intended) keeping in mind the light source, represented by that huge magenta arrow ;)
3) The coloring process continued by adding some more shades and lights in the right spots to enhance the depth but keeping the cartoon look.
4) Finally we colored the landscape and kept the sky with a pale blue so it didn't saturate the picture.
If you enjoyed this please visit Bacánika for more creative stuff, illustrations from other artists and cool articles.

Chao! :)