The Last Resort
Hotel Adler Spa & Resort first opened in the late 1920s in Sharon Springs, NY. The area was home to many similar resorts and was a popular attraction for people wishing a peaceful respite from the busy life of New York City. Hotel Adler had a rough start however, opening just before the Great Depression, but after World War II the town saw a bit of a revival. Unfortunately, the revival was short-lived and the town saw a decline again as the New York State Thruway was constructed in the 1950s and bypassed Sharon Springs, making it less accessible. Eventually the resorts all closed, Hotel Adler being one of the last in 2004. 
The hotel's exterior is still in fairly good condition today.
The ground floor was filled with assorted items: Bicycles, exercise equipment, board games and other things.
Dishes still cluttered up the kitchen, as if everyone simply left right in the middle of washing up.
A makeshift table had been constructed out of sawhorses and plywood. An ashtray and remnants of food suggested that someone had been here not too long ago.
The dining hall was still in decent condition. Afternoon light flooded through the half-boarded windows that opened to the patio outside. You could easily imagine the room bustling with people, preparing to enjoy a meal together.
The upper floors were still in fairly decent condition.
A laundry cart sat in the hallway, still carrying its final load of linens.
These numberless phones were in every room in the hotel and connected to a switchboard on the first floor.
Every guestroom was set up in a slightly different way, each having different wallpaper, carpets, bed frames ... they did all have one thing in common though: they were all pretty ugly.
The main stairwell, running up through the center of the hotel. Apparently someone had entertained the idea of stealing the refrigerator, but gave up halfway. 
Every room contained at least one CRT television. Other explorers gathered all the TVs into a few select rooms.
A favorite room for explorers, the trippy foil wallpaper really pulls everything together.
A single, opened umbrella graced one of the side hallways on the third floor.
There have been reports that a group has purchased Hotel Adler and is looking to restore it, however with each passing year the building falls deeper into disrepair and the likelihood of renovation seems further from reality.