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    Personal drawings and gifts
Sommer auf Ibiza · Geschenk an unsere Gastgeber
Fantasieportrait der Madame Chauchat aus Thomas Mann's Roman "Zauberberg"
First invitation to a friend's new flat
"Congratulations on Charlotte's 6th birthday".
A little drawing book with animals to colorize as gift for one of my youngest friends.
A sensual impresion from a nice walk in Barcelona's Parc de Collserola
Another sensual impresion from a bad weather walk on the beach. I quit smoking.
"Don't be afraid!"...because life is no fun without risks!!
That is my hometown Munich in winter and i love the black trees there.
Me taking a bath in the sea, when suddenly a sepia came by…between my feet…i swear!!!
"When will it be over?"
Waiting for someone to die of cancer is a very hard experience
New Year's Eve 2013/2014
"Do It Yourself" - Plumbing
That's a little gift to my landlord, who came to help to fix the boiler in my kitchen.
Afterwards everythig was so black of soot, as you can see in the image.
That action scene happend in my asia shop:
They had a lot of crabs - i think there is a chinese holiday, when every chinese must eat a crab - but they escaped from their basket hiding all over the place. The shop owner was fighting back with her broom yelling and nagging in chinese.
Friends invited me to a sailing trip, but there was so much wind, that we couldn't take off, because our captain was afraid of the big waves. The next day i made this drawing to show him, how it would have been.
Here come some authentic sketchbook drawings in black & white about my journeys