paij is a mobile payment app that uses existing services like Paypal to simplify the process of paying.
We were asked to develop a design concept within a tight deadline of only a week – containing a logo, app-icon, user interface icons and an exemplary website. 
While paij is safe and easy to use, it’s socially connected aswell, letting you share what you bought, and where you bought it. We worked out that all design work needed to be trustworthy, clean and sympathetic.
We decided on Origami as the main-theme: it is personal, handmade and individual. Every figure is unique – as is every transaction you make and share.
Logo — The paij logo is made out of three sheets of folded paper, a bright core in their center.
Logo Construction — First we set up a triangular grid-system and arranged the folded sheets.
Logo Color — The core is you and your transaction, surrounded by the app’s three main values – save, easy and social.
Logo Material — The paper sheets got textured and semi-translucent. This graphic is used in all informational and corporate print media. In all advertising-related print media, a borderless close-up (see website below) is to be used instead.
Logo Name — The wordmark is put next to the graphic at two core-lengths, its base line at the green and turqouise intersection and the x-height at the upper corner of the core.
App icon — A borderless close-up of the core is used for the app icon. An animation of the graphic opening up and letting you into its core is planned for future versions and will follow soon. As paij is device-independent, variations of the app-icon are used on different platforms.
Icons — While the logo is textured and graphical, the interface elements are much more minimalistic.
Website — A mockup with a few elements styled to give the internal web-development team a guideline for their work.