Comics are commodities. There is no shortage of stories, superheroes, or books—and that was a problem. The industry is noisy and full of independent creators, studios, and publishers trying to breakthrough. There was an opportunity to make Arclight's brand more than comics. It had to become a platform that stood for something and empower the community its IP is for.

Story Development
Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Content Strategy

Arclight Comics' storytelling pillars were found in Story, Belief, Transparency, and Solidarity. The business its in is entertainment and media and storytelling had to become the end all, be all. The brand believes POC/WOC/LGBTQIA+/Disabled voices (solidarity) and stories matter and will become the original content entertainment and media industries will need, and is creating superheroes and stories intended to move, inspire, and teach its readers. 

The brand is transparent in the idea that it reveals its process and invites the community inside development and creation. It's allowing its community to get in at the ground level.

The brand was also built on doing things differently. It is adamant about going left when everyone else is going right. It has become a risk taker and remains an underdog.

Once the storytelling elements were in place, the rest of the brand took care of itself.

Logos had several needs with the main need being the primary mark. The name Arclight was inspired by Matthew 5:14: "You are the light of a world, a city on a hill..." Arclight was created to be different and give hope to those it stands in solidarity with, letting them know their voices and stories truly matter and will get told.

The brand also required individual marks for characters.