McDonalds' Burger Campaign: Vietnam
How can we reinforce McDonald’s as the number one burger brand globally?
To reinforce McDonald’s as the number one burger brand globally.

Countries take pride in their Nation’s Culture

Big Idea
To launch a National Burger for every Country

The Challenge
To create four distinctive National burgers for four different countries
Assigned country: Vietnam

1. Burger Promo Print Ad
2. Burger Packaging Die Line & Mockup
3. Instagram Promo Ad Video
4. Burger Promo Banner on Landing Page
5. Mood board and Photographer Treatment 

McDonald’s Logo
Deadline, Copy and CTA
Name of Burger
Image of Burger
Set in English
Creation: Banh Mi Burger
Inspired by Banh Mi sandwiches peddled on the streets of Saigon; French-Vietnamese hybrid sandwich that consists of a Vietnamese single-serving baguette which is split lengthwise and filled with various savory ingredients from carrots and daikon to sweet minced pork and fatty pâté.

Concept: Freshness
Vietnam is known for its vibrant markets bustling with customers bargaining fervently for the freshest fruit, spices and even fish. More iconically are those that don’t even operate on land; the floating markets along the Mekong Delta, where merchants open shop onboard little boats from as early as 5 a.m.
Vibrant Colors, Gentle Waters, traditional brush-like illustrations
Print Ad
Web Banner
Instagram Ad
A group project by Nigel Kong, Clarie Sng, Ong Hui Min, Lim Zi Jie, Adelyn Leong, Neo Cen Min, Hazel Heng
MacDonald's Banh Mi Burger Campaign