Logo Design
for various companies and organizations
Blame it on the Girl (Rock Band)                     Typeco (Digital Type Foundry)
      Cusp (Techno Artist/DJ)                          Teenhoffen (Hand-Made Gifts)
           Society of Typographic Aficinados (Non-profit)           International House of Fonts (Digital Type Foundry)
Font Designers Rights Coalition                                  Cassis Catering             
Western New York Book Arts Collaborative                      Marceau Antiques                      
     FiberLux (Getinge Castle Medical Equipment)                  Fast Cuts (Video Editing)                   
              ITmonkey (IT Services)                       Connection Technology Center, Inc.
Xerox Channels Group (division logo)         Kodak Picture Store (product mark)
        TypeCon2001 (Design Conference)         Dresser Rand (Reciprocating Products)
Blame it on the Girl (Rock Band), Typeco (Digital Type Foundry), Cusp (Techno Artist/DJ), Teenhoffen (Hand-Made Gifts), Society of Typographic Aficinados (Non-profit), International House of Fonts (Digital Type Foundry), Font Designers Rights Coalition, Cassis Catering, Western New York Book Arts Collaborative, Marceau Antiques, FiberLux (product mark for Getinge Castle Medical Equipment), Fast Cuts (Video Editing), ITmonkey (Information Technology Services), Connection Technology Center, Inc. (Vibration Analysis Hardware), Xerox Channels Group (division logo), Kodak Picture Store (product mark), TypeCon2001 (Conference), Dresser Rand (Reciprocating Products division).