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The Duchess is proud and local and the world's first alcohol-free, sugar-free gin & tonic ready-to-drink available in botanical and floral options across SA and more recently in the UK and larger Europe region. 

It's the drink to drink when you're not drinking, and it's also fucking delicious if I'm honest. The Duchess herself asked me to write about it for her website and I couldn't resist; just look at her! Pure class in a glass. 

Website this way: https://theduchess.co.za
The Duchess also asked me to give life and brand-apt energy to some of their most popular mocktails -- the fun part. Here's what we called them (and how amazing are these product shots?) You can find more detail on each variant here.
The Bayside
The Purist
The Crush
The Stargazer
The Bloomer
The Sage