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    Informational brochure designed for Concerned Women for America's event commemorating the 40th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade.
Concerned Women for America is a conservative non-profit located in Washington, D.C. The below brochure was created for an upcoming pro-life event where many of America's national leaders would be gathered.  They wanted an eye-catching brochure that could deliver a lot of information in a compact format.  Below is the initial mock up of the front and back panels.
Here's what I was thinking throughout the design process.  
This brochure was distributed to members of congress and CWA's state directors as a way to keep them informed on the key accomplishments, facts, and goals of the pro-life movement.
Color Philosophy
Initially, my goal was to incorporate 4 primary colors (like below) with gray-scale dividers and decorative elements.  Due to cost and printer limits the colors had to be reduced.  
I landed on a blue color for a few reasons.  Because of the political nature of the brochure I didn't prefer green (it could be mistaken for an environmental flyer).  Though energizing and warm, from a practical viewpoint yellow wouldn't stand out with the current design. Orange simply didn't have the right feel to me. I leaned toward the blue version as psychologically blue is associated with calm and reflection.
CWA gave me a lot of freedom when it came to choosing a layout and design for this brochure.  I wish we could have presented the text in a stripped down or condensed format, but this was what they wanted to share.  Being the first I've designed, and having wanting to create something like an infographic poster, I chose a similar feel.  Because there was so much information I kept the layout straightforward and tried to incorporate graphic elements where possible to break up the monotony and give the brochure some visual interest.  Given the amount of text I wanted keep the layout clean and simple yet maintain aesthetic appeal. The final product was printed on legal paper (8.5x14) with a tri-fold.  I'm very pleased with the final result. 
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