Editorial illustrations 2018

Here's mix of my editorial illustrations for various clientsHope you enjoy it!
All of them are from 2018.

thanks for watching!
Editorial illustration for @Pismo magazine
The article was about the exploitation, oppression and injustice at work. 
Set of editorial illustrations for Brown Alumni Magazine USA.
Article inspired by a book "Why You Eat What You Eat" written by @Rachel Herz
"Pismo" Magazine,  editorial illustration for a summer tale.
Editorial illustration for Nature UK.
"The battle behind the periodic table’s latest additions"
Art Direction: Jasiek Krzysztofiak
Editorial illustration for newest issue of Pismo magazine.
Story was about Racism in the US.
Editorial illustration for newest issue of Newsweek Polska Psychologia.
Article was about, yes, you guessed it - the internet and the danger of self-titled experts of everything.
And also I did an editorial illustration for Newsweek Polska Psychology magazine, about real fear of Authoritarianism.
Editorial piece for Zwierciadło 
Article was about advantages of self-healing and to trust more in yourself rather than take pills for everything. 🗯️