Product Design & Art Direction
Below are examples of board games, card decks and toy packaging I designed and art directed.
JUMANJI The Game - I'm very proud to have been part of this game's creation. I was responsible for art directing the printed material in the game and managing all of the creatives connected. When the game was released, it out-sold all the flagship games of Milton Bradley and Parker Brothers for the month. It has gone on to become a rare and valued collectors item.
Toy package designed to allow the product  to be used interactively with the consumer at retail.
Packaging and card deck design for a 90 card oracle. The photography used on the cards were shot by me as well. The distressed red treatment and icons were created originally for the client's book cover. I carried the same treatment over to all of her product and promotional material to build a brand identity.
Two recent board game projects I was involved with both as a designer and illustrator.