a kind of breeze
A film by Les Diables 
Behind the scenes

Directed by: André Martins & Tiago Lemos

This video has as starting point our desire of developing a movie that reveals surf in a different approach. Inspired by the concept of “butterfly effect” (expression of the chaos theory that describes how small variations in the initial conditions of large systems can affect later these systems), we created a narrative with two characters – a surfer and a dancer – whose actions affect each other. The dancer, impelled by the sea swell and the evolutions of the surfer in the ocean, gradually intensifies his movements. These, in turn, alter the strength and speed of the waves and consequently the surfer's movements. Our video displays this reciprocal and intensifying relationship between surfer, dancer and ocean.

Dancer: Alexandre Canelhas
Directing Duo: André Martins & Tiago Lemos
Guimbal operator by Manuel Costa 
Water Footage: Gonçalo Mariani 
Text: Paula Monteiro 
Voice Over: Pedro Rodrigues 
Sound Designer: Pedro Anacleto
Colourist: Vasco Mendes 
Production Assistant: Hugo Santos 
Graphic Designer: Frederico Martins 
Stylist: Patrícia de Oliveira 
Cast: Gonçalo Maia
Behind the Scenes Photos: Miguel Oliveira

“The Lights” by SHAWN WILLIAMS
“Angelus” by TIMBRE

SPECIAL THANKS to Sítio do Cano Amarelo, Portcorner, Filmes da Mente, Ricardo Cabral, Tiago Maia, Duarte Ferreira.

Clothes: Jacket Hugo Costa, Shirt Soulland, Pants Livid Jeans, Shoes Hugo Costa, Hat Stylist own.

Shot in analog lenses + Sony FS7 4k.
Porto, January, 2017.
ETHER - a kind of breeze