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    After years of being and watching sales people, I have concluded they are the smartest people in a business
During a Quota ClubSales boondoggle in Florida, the VP of sales breathlessly ran in with the new incentive planfresh from NY. 11 copies were handed out to the top salespeople. In 22 seconds one negativecomment. One minute 11 seconds later, two more. Within 2 more minutes, anarchy. The salespeople went on strike. A full day of negotiationsput the meeting back on track.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  At this time I realized good sales people have Skillone, just presented is . Provide them an incentiveplan combining calculus and geometryand theywill figure it out withinminutes. What are the other two skills not collectively found in others?
What do these mean?
When it is valuable toremember something theyve got it. If the same information is harmful to their goalthey forget it. Kelly King sold more systems than any other salesperson.. She adopted an absent minded professor person, with her materials in a canvas shopping bag. 20 years later I still hear her say,... Is that important to you? If we had an advantage she pull awrinkled, on point, document from her bag. If our product had anegative attribute she would say I dont recall, Ill check.
Energyfollows the path of least resistance. A great salesperson issitting in front of a customer. Your prices are 20% too high!With the speed of a semiconductor they determine who will provide the leastresistance, the customer or headquarters.They attack the easiest path and sell them.
The last skill is truly less humorous thanironic. This isnt a statement about salespeople but managers whomake themselves the course of least resistance.
Forget the stereotypes! The best ones areneither dumb or lazy. Sales people have a tactical role. We often miscast them for strategicunderstanding or behavior, which is nottheir developed skill. Their bestrole is collaborative. They shouldbe the conductor, bringing people and departments together for the benefit of the customer. Make sure other departments are ready to support. Share this article with them.
Love them! We know their freewheelingsprits. They are self important andlove to spend