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    "logo design 3" published work, Feierabend Unique Books , Berlin, Germany
nine of mine logos got published in this book . . .
published work
"logo design 3" Feierabend Unique Books , Berlin, Germany
The term ‘Logo’ derives from the Greek logos meaning ‘word’ or ’sign’. This etymology could not be more apt, for the amalgamation of text and image is the very definition of a modern logo. A successful logo must be distinctive, memorable, simple and must represent the given brand appropriately. All great logos around today fulfill these requirements. Everyone can identify the cursive, playful typeface of Coca-Cola set against a red background, designed by Frank Mason Robinson in 1885. The five interlinked circles which represent the Olympic Games are immediately recognisable; Apple Inc.’s stylised, bitten apple is known worldwide and the simple circular design of BMW’s logo is now synonymous with elegance and quality within the automobile market.
There is an incredible depth and quality to logo design today, but there is still plenty of scope for innovative within this field, as our new publication displays. ‘Logo 3′ showcases the best of current international logo design and provides inspirational material for aspiring young designers.
renee (dance & fitness)
toe joe (children shoe brand)
octopus designs pvt. ltd. (advertising agency)
tqci cognos (quality management consulting)
ozone (film company)
goldsoft (information technology)
brand echo (exhibition gallery)
3winks (motion & still photography)
blackcup (cafe shop)