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    The second part of the Dog Show project, exploring the big and wonderful world of dog breeds through the series of funny and dramatic portraits
The Dog Show. Season 2
Miss the dogs? I am happy to show you the second part of the "Dog Show" project exploring the big and wonderful world of dog breeds. In the second part of the project, Veronica Ershova and I decided not only to continue showing you the different personalities of our four-legged friends, but also to present our own view of the various breeds through dramatic portraits. Enjoy!

Photography and retouching: Alexander Khokhlov and Veronika Ershova.
Chika, the Miniature Schnauzer
Nancy, the Bedlington Terrier
Nectar, the Bloodhound
Fiji, the Basenji
Faqir, the Afghan Hound
Xolos Gang
Alex, the oldie Labrador
Till, the Bedlington Terrier
Fanta, the Aussie
Samson, the South African Boerboel
Platon, the Bracco Italiano
Behind the Scenes